Monday, 5 December 2011

New Tunes.

The Black Keys new album out today. It's called El Camino and is good. Give it a go:

As I said yesterday I've not had much to say but this was brought to my attention by a work mate. Basically it's video some sad individual has posted of himself and online friends playing World of Warcraft. If you don't know what WoW is look it up on Wikipedia but basically its an online game/world where people act as wizards and elf's and shit. It's all taken very seriously as you will see by the video....well by some at least. These guys sound like your stereotypical nerds, with one actually working out the percentage of the success of this particular battle they are about to get into. They are all preparing themselves, making sure they have the right magic, armour, weapons and whatever else they need before they go in. That is until one guy, obviously a right rebel messes things up a bit. Made me laugh, especially at the end with "Leroys'" last comment. It's a great 2 fingers up and the nerds. I found it bloody funny. Have a watch:

What I've since found out the guy "Leroy Jenkins" has become a bit of an Internet celeb since the Video was posted. It's the shock and anger at Leroys' shock move cracks me up, What a planet eh!


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