Monday, 12 December 2011

It's was blowin' a gale.

Been a bit blowy out there the last few days ain't it?

I've been given an extension to my contract. should see me up to Xmas. Quite pleased about it, though the village folk are driving me potty. For example, as we are all aware, it is nearing Xmas and up here in the Northern Hemisphere that means Winter is here. I was quietly carrying out my daily duties at work last week when a friendly, if a little bit dim person I work with came in from outside and said to me, "Bloody 'ell, it's cold out thee'er. Like bloody winter it is!". I looked at them and politely suggested that maybe it is!

As usual the festive season isn't easy for me. I'm not into the buying gift thing really and do so as it's the thing to do. People don't make it easy for me when they say I don't want anything, because if I didn't they'd be a bit dissapointed. I on the other hand hate people wasting money on me at Xmas as I hate Xmas, with passion but they insist on pissing me off with shit every year. Anyways, as no one knows what to get my Dad everybody has bought him the same bottle of booze as each other, that is except me, so that's him in for a really exciting time. I'll get him a crossword book, something really shite so hopefully next year he'll give us a clue what to get him.

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