Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Self Employed

It's been a painful week. Backs starting to ease off now though thank the Lord above!

I'm officially Self Employed. I start my new line of employment as a Courier Driver next week. All good stuff. I now own a SAT-NAV!!! very impressed as it managed to guide me back from Lincoln blindfolded. I didn't hit a thing.

Over the Xmas period I counted the "Morecambe & Wise Xmas Special" on TV at least eight times.....EIGHT FUCKING TIMES! And that wasn't including them stupid +1 channels and I'm talking here about your basic Freeview TV too, not Sky or Virgin or Fancy TV like that. Why? Why repeat such a bag of old bollocks so many times? It may have been funny in the 70's (though I doubt it as they were not funny, the 70's version of Ricky Gervais), it sure as hell is not funny now.

In fact, Television over the Xmas period has been utterly shocking as to how piss poor it's been. Constant repeats, shite films and a shocking standard of kids cartoons. I say that though, the highlight of my daily viewing has been on Channel 5, the new version of....drumroll!........THUNDERCATS!!!

A final note, I'm a little late on this but I will mention it. Due to personal reasons this story always tugs at me this time of year and has done for many years:

The Penlee lifeboat disaster occurred on 19 December 1981 off the coast of Cornwall, in England, UK. The Penlee Lifeboat went to the aid of the coaster Union Star after its engines failed in heavy seas. After the lifeboat had managed to rescue four people both vessels were lost with all hands; sixteen people died including eight volunteer lifeboatmen.

A very touching story.

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