Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My hearts not in it.

OK, not liking my new job. Simple. The boss is a twat and my hatred for Grantham is borderline insane. That place really does depress me, seriously. Oh well, It'll do for the time being.

I've been thinking, isn't Lego a con. Or should I say, aren't Lego conning us? 30 odd quid for a huge box (with overblown picture on front to fool us!) and inside, enough bricks to build a square tower and inch or so high, a little man, a Lego style Dinosaur and a couple of crap odd shaped trees!

I really fancied the new Batman sets but I can't justify spending my pocket money on it!

My neighbour died last week, she was 92. Very sad indeed as she was a lovely ol' gal. RIP Hilda.

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