Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Music Alert.....Music Alert

Today I hit the ground with a bump. Was out on my own for the first time and struggled thanks to a number of things I can't really be arsed to go into at the minute. Thankfully I was joined by my wingman, J, who helped get back on track. So, this evening I'm no longer the one on trial, my new "boss" is as he's not doing himself any favours with me so far.

Anyway, enough of the serious shit. Music, I recently bought the latest Maccabees album, been a fan since the last album which was really good. Well, this new one has really got into my head so I thought I'd bring it here for people to discover themselves. This vid is from a Live Lounge session for the BBC and is from the new album, it's far from the best track on there, so, I'd advise further investigation if you feel like I do about this.

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