Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bionic Woman.

So...the Olympics will bring in loads of money to the country will it? In fact so far it's done the oppersite with less people visiting London than this time last year! From the BBC website..."The Badminton World Federation has charged eight female Olympic doubles players with "not using one's best efforts to win a match". But it was one of the more entertaining things I've seen since the Opening Ceremony. I've been looking after my Mother who has not long got out of hospital after having a knee replaced. She's been in a bit of pain and I've been running around making sure life is comfortable as she's not very mobile at the minute.....well, she's very mobile when she thinks no-ones about, sneaking about getting a biscuit or something out of her Choc Stash. Having witnessed this twice yesterday, Ive now decided I'm on holiday from helping as she seems perfectly capable to do things herself. Oh, and if her surgeon is reading, that 4 hours giving her a nice new knee was a waste of time as she's not doing what the Physio has told her to do. Old people, as annoying as Teenagers.

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