Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Technology and the old folk.

My Dad's been pulling his hair out because he can't get his new "Recordable" Digi-box working. "Well, I can't get the sodding thing to work...there's no sound on any of the channels for starters.....you have a look at it as I've spent ages trying alsorts", was the rant at the end of the phone. I, being an all round nice bloke, went to have a look. The problem was solved in approximately 2 seconds. "Try plugging the scart lead in all the way 'til it goes no further dad" I said. I've been running tests for the last few days and it's recording OK so fuck knows what he's going on about. Sad how something as simple as a digi-box can confuse a man once responsible for keeping Britain safe from Nuclear obvilion during the cold war isn't it! Oh well, The sun's out today for a change and I've celebrated with a can of Shandy Bass.....not as nice as I remember.

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